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"where foxes go, I too will roam"

I did a bit of art therapy with fade_2_black at the Ikon Gallery Friday. There were three sculpture exhibitions on. Probably our favourite were the rooms set aside for the Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas. A loop of videotape, kept afloat by fans, somewhere between Mobius strip and and skipping rope; magnetised ball bearings moving in a black disc of oil (it reminded me of organisms growing in a Petri dish, but seen in negative); a room full of moons (or rough-painted plaster lit behind black screens). Sara Barker's exhibition was good too, sheets of painted glass and aluminium and torqued steel rods: I waved my hands about but couldn't get any theremin whoops out of them. I bought a copy of Rosie Garland's Victorian circus novel The Palace of Curiosities and a couple of postcards from the shop.

Yesterday I met up for lunch and beer with John H in Solihull. We stopped off in Oxfam Books before the pub and I remembered they had an old colour pamphlet on Coventry Cathedral I thought would interest him. We talked about airship crashes, Jocelyn Brooke, Laurel and Hardy, urban trees, amongst other things. It turns out John can do a mean Scooby-Doo impression! I wandered back to my parents. There was a package from Mark Valentine waiting for me. He'd very kindly offered to photocopy three of Joel's early stories. What I wasn't expecting was was the copy of The Foggy, Foggy Dew he'd put in. It's Joel's first chapbook, I think: a deceptively simple ghost story about dust and pianos and chessboards and a possible message from the other side. I might devote an entry to it some day. It was a cold evening (to me, anyway; we've reached that time of year when my hands turn violet indoors. Armwarmers from now on). I curled up in bed and read till the small hours, alternating between Kiernan (To Charles Fort..) and Bradbury (The Small Assassin). There was an owl keeping me company through the night.



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Oct. 25th, 2016 06:03 am (UTC)
"where foxes go, I too will roam"

That's a wonderful line. Is it from your current music?

There was an owl keeping me company through the night.

Owls and foxes are good company.
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