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New myths

As usual, I've been away too long. Some news this time: yesterday Tartarus Press released This Spectacular Darkness, a collection of Joel Lane's critical essays on horror and weird fiction, edited by Mark Valentine and John Howard. Many of the essays appeared in the journal Wormwood. Joel always intended to write a full-length study on modern horror; this isn't quite that book, but it does collect all of his essays.

I've had some involvement in the book. Back in the summer Mark and John approached me to contribute an essay on Joel's poetry, as part of an appreciation of his own canon to round off the collection. I accepted readily, but not without some qualms - I hadn't written essays since my college days and I didn't know if I could give the poems the analysis and respect they deserved. But I set to it, with encouragement from cybermule, and beta-reading from sovay and gizmometer - thank you all for your support. And thanks too to Mark and John for asking me to contribute in the first place. It's been one of the toughest things to write, but it appears in the book as Where The Gods Are Rotting: the Poetry of Joel Lane. I am very glad TSD is out there now. You can find more details and order the book here.
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