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and you're draped in kelp, below by 8000 feet

Friday C and I went to see Leviathan at the MAC, a loose dance adaptation of Moby Dick. We ran into friends in the bar and chatted about theremins (I still don't know how you can play one with a cat and still have a face) and nostalgia for cassette tapes. The actor playing Ahab was superb - stalking about in undershirt and cargo pants with the energy of the obsessed and lost, followed by his crew like the Ascent of Man diagram (he turned to fell them all with a mimed gun); laying ropes across stage to trap his whale only to have his own leg snared, clutching at lights while he was hauled behind the curtain. The Leviathan herself rolled and undulated in splendid isolation, totally indifferent to her hunter. The crew turned whales themselves in the second act and ran Ahab down under their wave. A wonderful production, soundtracked by great Polish folk/ambient music.

I went back to my parents' earlier in the week. The field next door has been levelled (the smallholder died last year); sheds dismantled, gorse uprooted, the grass raked through. I thought of the times I'd rooted through the cinder-pit in the corner as a child, finding bones and bits of crockery. A bit of the past gone. I don't think that influenced my decision to hack my hair back to a collar-length bob. I haven't seen any foxes on the land in months but the jackdaws seem to be multiplying at least. I once told H I felt at home anywhere I heard them calling. Back at home I was on the balcony and watched a carrion crow scrabbling through the gutter above my head to find a crust of brown bread (dropped, I guess, by another bird). We looked each other in the eye, which was quite a thing.

Currently reading the new Mieville, "The Last Days of New Paris", which is great fun and has more than a whiff of his earlier novella "The Tain". I just discovered that R4 are doing a two-part dramatisation of "War of the Worlds" next week, and that makes me extremely happy. Less happy-making is my LJ's refusal to let me use the visual editor when writing a post. It's a small pain in the arse not to be able to post pictures and links or tag anyone. Any advice?
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