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Your works of nature are unnatural

sovay, you asked for a picture of the new coat; here you go.


In lieu of a post with any actual content, have some links to stuff I shared on Facebook a while ago and meant to post here.

First, have the acoustic mirrors of interwar England. I want to go see the ones on the Kent coast one day soon.

And also here's an article on the art of Bette Burgoyne. I first found her work illustrating the wonderful collection The Cathedral of Mists by Paul Willems, which is well worth seeking out and as vaporous as Burgoyne's drawings.

There's not so much to report from the last few days except fade_2_black and I don't agree over the taste of coffee-and-star-anise porter (I'm not sure how many other fans of it I'd find!) but we both liked the seaweed gin (Da Mhile, I think) that rounded off last night. I walked up to the local Tesco this lunchtime. There is a beautiful late-Victorian library in terracotta and redbrick next door, painted in apple-greens and the original gaslight fittings hanging over the stacks. I found a copy of Francine Prose's The Lives of the Muses: Nine Women & The Artists They Inspired for thirty pence. It feels like spring at last.
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