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The Echo Collector

"we must eff the ineffable"

11 February
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"Ashlyme the portrait painter...kept a diary...He was a strange little man to have got the sort of reputation he had. At first sight his clients, who often described themselves as victims, thought little of him."

- M. John Harrison, "In Viriconium"

Mat. Grumpy geek from the English Midlands; queer/genderfluid, polyamorous, feminist, kink-positive; vegetarian, atheist with pagan tendencies. Writer of weird fiction and speculative poetry. Fond of Art Nouveau, Doctor Who, old synthesisers, fantasy fiction, and natural history. Dislikes rightwingers, crowds. Resembles a smallish Jarvis Cocker. Natural habitats: canals, real ale pubs, second-hand bookshops. Can be recognised by the trail of liquorice cigarette papers, spilt tea, and bad puns.

Please feel free to add me; I'll likely add you back. The journal's usually only friends-locked if I'm roadtesting, or talking about more "sensitive" issues. I suffer from anxiety disorders and depression, so expect to see that come up here.

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1890s art and literature, aesthetics, angela carter, art nouveau, arthur machen, aubrey beardsley, autumn, babylon 5, bat for lashes, bbc radiophonic workshop, belbury poly, biographies, bisexuality, black books, botany, bowie, british sea power, caitlin r. kiernan, canals, china miéville, christie, commedia del'arte, cure, dark city, david bowie, decadence, delia derbyshire, doctor who, douglas adams, doyle, eating out, eno, fantasy, feminism, flaneurs and flaneuses, folk music, folklore, foxes, g.k. chesterton, genius loci, ghost box, ghosts, gormenghast, h g wells, history, j g ballard, j.k.huysmans, james ensor, jarvis cocker/pulp, jazz, jeff vandermeer, joanna newsom, joel lane, john howard, joy division, kaleidoscopes, kate bush, know thyself, long-haired men, lovecraft, m. john harrison, m.c. escher, m.r. james, mark valentine, max ernst, mervyn peake, michael moorcock, moon wiring club, mythology, natural history, neil gaiman, nick cave, nick drake, nigel kneale, oscar wilde, p j harvey, people-watching, plant/mammal hybrids, playing the omnichord, polyamory, portico quartet, portishead, postpunk, quatermass, queer history, radio 4, reading, real ale, robert aickman, sapphire and steel, science fiction, sherlock holmes, steampunk, striped jumpers, tangerine dream, tanith lee, the city of ambergris, the great war, the moon, theremins, thinking, thomas ligotti, tom baker, van der graaf generator, vegetarianism, verbosity, victoriana, viriconium, weird fiction, william hope hodgson, writing and doodling